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re: Guild Policies


Welcome to Anastasis,

Listed is a general outline of our rules. Please make sure you read and understand these rules clearly, every member will be held personally responsible for knowing these. If you have any questions or comments on these please message a officer or guild leader.

Game Play
1. We are all here to have a good time, do not say or do anything that might cause another player to be upset or mad on purpose.

2. Respect game players, in and out of guild. Do not argue in any general chat in any city, that makes our guild look bad. Your actions reflect us as a whole. Breaking this rule will result in removal from guild.

2a. Keep Guild Chat clean. No racist jokes, extreme sexual comments, religous crack or complaining..... be respectful. We will tolerate some jokes, we're adults ... just know the limits!

2b. Respective posting in WOW forums where our guild name is with you. We ask that you do not flame and you conduct yourself as an adult. QQ issues are never to be brought there. It is for information about the game. Breaking rule will result in removal from guild.

3. When there is an issue with another guild member, bring it to a officer or guild leaders attention and it will be dealt with, We are here to have fun and build strong friendships not snip at one another :)

4. Be ACTIVE. Try to be there for guild instances. We understand RL gets in the way but we do expect a lvl of commitment from you to be in this guild.

5. Be helpful. We all need to help our fellow guildies. Even if it doesnt seem to benefit you at the time, in the long run helping a player finish quests actually helps them lvl, get better gear ..etc... we are here for each other and to build community!

Instance Rules (not raiding rules)
1. Use vent!
2. There are no looting issues. Period.
3. If u honestly need it, then need it. Doesn't matter if its rare, epic or legendary.We want our guild in the best they can get.
4. If you are grouping with non-guildies, make us proud of you.
5. Have FUN!

Raid Rules
These rules are listed per instance in our forums.

Everyone must learn the saying, "What's good for the guild is good for me." We need to focus on helping our people who are ungeared get the gear that they need. This may mean running instances that you have run a thousand times before so someone may get a drop that is a massive upgrade.

Our guild members are only to raid within our guild. We work hard to get everyone keyed and geared, we want to achieve our raiding goals as a team. PUGing raids can lead to large problems. We ask that our guild raid together =)  

Our guilds rules on alts :

We welcome alts, knowing a change of pace occasionally makes everything better.

Probation Period

Every new member has a 2 week probation period.
All this probation period does is keep you at 'Initiate (mortal) status. You are able to sign up for any guild activities, raids ... this is your time to get to know guildies and run instances with all of us.

Always check the website before logging on WoW for the day. We need to really push this. A lot of good info gets posted here .

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